X Rocker Spider Wireless Game Chair

X-Rocker Spider Wireless Game Chair

X-Rocker Spider Wireless Game Chair

Features and Specifications:

• Built in speakers hidden inside the head rest, 5.5 inch power sub, subwoofer
• Head phone jack.
• Comes in a sporty red and black colour with a fancy spidery design.
• Compatible with all gaming consoles such as: Playstation (all versions), Xbox 360, Wii, Nintendo, Xbox 360, Gameboy, ipod, PSP, MP3/CD/DVD home theatre systems and many more.
• Control panel with input/ output jacks
• Volume and bass controls. RCA audio inputs
• RCA multi player audio outputs.
• Full vibration ability due to the bass speaker located in the back of the chair.




  • This sporty looking video gaming chair is high backed, thickly leather-like feel padded over comfortable foam upholstery in a red and black beautiful spider crafted design and an easy to clean vinyl cover.
  • It has clear audio quality and the chair is a perfect fit for children and adults alike. The arms are padded on the top. It is very comfortable for hours of use.
  • It has a modern rocking chair design but it stands on a sturdy base, which makes you sit high from the floor but not too high that that your legs dangle over and get numb from sitting for long hours.
  • Perfect for relaxing and watching television or gaming or even sitting at your desk. It also fits comfortably in any dorm room.
  • The beauty part of this chair is that it is portable and it folds up for easy storage. With the speakers being in the back head rest it gives you a feeling of being inside the game.
  • The chair tilts and swivels nicely. The chair has a curved design, so you are not sitting completely upright all the time, neither are you sunken in which would be bad for your back. You are sort of curved into the chair for extra comfort.


The arms of the chair are kind of low but it’s not a problem when gaming as your arms are in front of you on your lap most of the time, it is just for watching television that it is sort of tiresome. If the chair arms could have been padded more it would have made it softer.
Unfortunately the chair is not completely wireless it has to be plugged into the external power socket in the wall as well, and the cord is also a little short so it requires an extension power cord.
This capacity of this chair is not suitable for very large people.


This X rocker gaming chair gets a 4.4/5 stars. Great value for the price it is going for and an incredible gaming experience in style and comfort. It ships quickly and it is well packaged, and not difficult to assemble.

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