So, you decide to go home and think things through. You browse the internet and stumble upon this review.

Are you having trouble looking for your ideal gaming chair? Well then, here is the right place to look for because in this review, we will be pointing out the pros and cons of each chair and how it earns a rightful spot in our top five lists. This review will be your ultimate guide to help you find the right chair that suits your needs and wants.

What to look for buying a video game chair

We will first give you an introduction on how to find a high-class gaming chair:


Always keep in mind that a prominent feature of a good chair is its ability to offer maximum comfort to the user. The hours spent in playing video games will be twice as fun when you are using a chair that you’re comfortable with throughout the entire time.


A good game is best enjoyed when you’re using one of the best speakers and subwoofers in the market. It gives off this awesome feeling that you are actually part of the game playing as the hero who wants to save the world or you can use the sound to help you relax while listening to one of the new songs.


Some video chairs are designed to look like a sports car front sear while others are made to look like furniture pieces. Pick a chair that suits your style! You will also have to consider the ergonomics (deals with designing and arranging certain things so that customers can use them easily and safely) of a chair. For example, when a user is suffering some back pains he will pick a chair that gives ease and relief on his spine.


Just like the icing that makes a cake standout, this additional feature is what makes a gaming chair unique. It can range from an added vibration to flip-up padded arms. These features give the chairs a boost in the market and can level-up your gaming experience especially for avid gamers.


No gaming chair is perfect so we cited some disadvantages that come with each chair. However, this should not hinder in your decision-making because the gaming chairs in this review are nearly 5-star rated and most loved chairs both online and offline. In short, this review presents only the best gaming chairs so you won’t have any trouble trying to google up each chair.

-Remember, their cons are just minor setbacks and with the huge amount of chairs presented, I’m sure you can find the perfect chair partner for you

Top 5 best Video Game Chairs in 2015

We will list the top 5 chairs listed in random order using the three tips as well as the additional features and its disadvantages.

1. X Rocker Pro Series Pedestal 2.1 Video Game Chair (51396 )

  • X Rocker 51396 Pro Series Pedestal 2.1 Video Gaming Chair, Wireless

    X Rocker 51396 Pro Series Pedestal 2.1 Video Gaming Chair, Wireless

    Comfort: The X Rocker Pro Series Pedestal swivel and tilt capabilities due to its added base. Its support foam or cushion gives a good lumbar support for the user.

  • Audio: This unit has two speakers which are hidden in the headrest and a subwoofer using the newest 2.1 AFM Technology to intensify your gaming experience. It has a built-in wireless receiver/transmitter that sends audio using your headset or RCA outputs.
  •  Style and Ergonomics: The gunstock arms and padded headrest/backrest gives utmost support and stability. Plus, it gives the chair a high-class look.
  • Others: It has a unique vibration added to the chair. The control panels are accessible and it can connect with large amounts of data formats as well as other gaming chairs so you and your friends will surely have a one-of-a-kind entertainment.
  • Cons: This chair is not made for heavy-weighted persons and so some users may find this chair uncomfortable. Furthermore, the foam or padding lacks some substance; therefore you need to add a pillow or two to help you find that overall support.
    The brand new X Rocker Pro Series Pedestal Video Gaming Chair (51396 ) is available for $173.00 at and has garnered 4.0 stars from 520 customer reviews.

2.    X Rocker 51259 Pro H3 4.1 Audio Game Chair, Wireless

  • X Rocker 51259 Pro H3 4.1 Audio Gaming Chair, Wireless

    X Rocker 51259 Pro H3 4.1 Audio Gaming Chair, Wireless

    Comfort: The gun-stocked arms and heavy-duty padded headrest and backrest gives you the ultimate comfort whether you are watching a movie, reading a book or just simply relaxing after a day’s work.

  • Audio: The X Rocker Pro H3 offers four speakers and a built-in subwoofer to magnify and amplify your pastime of playing video games. It comes with an integrated wireless receiver/transmitter with RCA outputs.
  • Style and Ergonomics: This gaming chair is made like one of the shotgun seats of a sports car. It has a stylish design with a modern-looking appearance to give your homes an edgy look.
  • Others: It has an extra-vibration feature that follows the beat of the bass tones. The control panels have a separate volume and bass controls together with the input/output jacks. The jacks for data formats and other X Rocker gaming chairs are also found in the control panel.
  • Cons: The X Rocker gaming chairs are known for their 275 lbs. weight limit so persons beyond this weight may find the chair flimsy and small. The lack of a base makes the user feel uncomfortable sitting so low to the ground.
    The brand new X Rocker Pro H3 4.1 Audio Gaming Chair is available for $157.99 at and has garnered 4.4 stars from 327 customer reviews.

3.    Black X Rocker Pedestal Video Game Chair

  • X Rocker Pedestal Video Gaming Chair, Wireless, Black

    X Rocker Pedestal Video Gaming Chair, Wireless, Black

    Comfort: This unit gives you a full back support like no other chair. It can tilt and swivel due to the added base offering you smooth playing and comfort while playing your game. It has sufficient padding to keep your lumbar support intact.

  • Audio: A new sound experience is made possible with this gaming chair because of its 2.1 sound system with 2 integrated speakers and subwoofers. It also has a wireless audio transmission and Headphone Jack for convenience and personal use, respectively.
  • Style and Ergonomics: It is made up of upholstery vinyl cover for easy cleaning and it can be folded after use so it won’t take up much space and for an effortless storage. It has flip-up arms so the user can enter and exit with no difficulty.
  • Others: The control panel is located at the side and it contains the volume controls, jacks and a band switch so you can listen to your desired sound. It connects to most video game, audio and other data formats like Xbox, Playstation, Mp3s, DVD and more.
  • Cons: Some users have complains on its slope design so people over 6 feet will have to bend a little to fit in. Moreover, the wireless receiver requires batteries for it to turn on.
    The brand-new Black X Rocker Pedestal Video Gaming chair is available for $99.00 at and it has garnered 4.0 stars from 173 customers.

4.    Wireless X Rocker Pro Series Video Rocker with Vibration

  • Wireless X Rocker Pro Series Video Rocker with Vibration

    Wireless X Rocker Pro Series Video Rocker with Vibration

    Comfort: This futuristic video game chair has a foam-filled seat complete with adjustable armrests and padded headrest for a lifestyle of comfort.

  • Audio: It has a 2.1 AFM Sound technology with two built-in speakers and a subwoofer which is located in the headrest. It has a wireless capability and Ace Bayou’s core AFM Technology (a vibration feature connected to the audio to produce a rumbling sound in the subwoofer) combo to double-up the excitement.
  • Style and Ergonomics: It is designed using a black and grey vinyl with durable wood and metal frame. The cushion is fire-resistant and it is made up of a high-quality fabric.
  • Others: This X Rocker gaming chair widely connects to a variety of media devices and other data formats so you can immerse yourself in your favorite hobby—either watching a TV program, listening to a favorite music, or playing a well-loved video game.
  • Cons: You need batteries for the audio transmitter to work. Several users stated that an audible static sound is produced by the speakers and a customer even mentioned that the armrests are made up of plastic and are very uncomfortable to use.
    The Wireless X Rocker Pro Series Video Rocker with vibration is available for $164.00 at and garnered 4.5 stars from 42 customer reviews.

5.    X Rocker 51491 Extreme III 2.0 Gaming Rocker Chair with Audio System

  • X Rocker 51491 Extreme III 2.0 Gaming Rocker Chair with Audio System

    X Rocker 51491 Extreme III 2.0 Gaming Rocker Chair with Audio System

    Comfort: This trendsetter gaming chair features a mesh and foam backed polyester seating for a full-back support and great stability.

  • Audio: This X Rocker gaming chair has a full 2.0 Stereo and side- facing speakers found in the headrest to pump-up long periods of gaming.
  • Style and Ergonomics: It is a smart gaming chair that gives lots of purposes. It can be place in any room in the house because of its sleek but homey design.
  • Others: The side control panel is accessible and easy-to-operate. It includes power knobs with input/output jacks. A multi-player leisure can be attained by using the incorporated cables so you can connect it to other gaming chairs.  Additionally, it can play music from any media platform by connecting it through the RCA cables.
  • Cons: Persons over 6 feet or 300 lbs. will find this chair uncomfortable. Besides that, you need to add a pillow for your head-and-neck support. One customer also questioned the chair’s durability and comfort after some use.
    The X Rocker 51491 Extreme III 2.0 Gaming Rocker chair is available for $103.98 at and has garnered 4.1 stars from 53 customer reviews.


So there you have it, our top five gaming chairs for this year! We mentioned the advantages and disadvantages that accompany each chair and hopefully, that will finalize some choices in picking out your ideal gaming chair.

Personally, I like the Wireless X Rocker Pro Series with Vibration because of the diverse features it offers. The vibration is something to look forward to and I’m sure hardcore gamers can attest that a good vibration is enough to keep a game rocking.

Although, it is a bit expensive than the rest of the other gaming chairs but the quality and attribute that it holds will really be worth the price. This is evident through the customer reviews as well as the number of stars it gained.

A close competitor would be the X Rocker 51259 Pro H3 4.1 Wireless gaming chair because of its sound and audio effects. Thanks to the number of speakers it has!  This gaming chair has the highest number of customer reviews and that’s proof that this chair is a favorite of the masses. Many people have brought the chair and they loved the results! (4.4 stars)

This shows that X Rocker 51259 is something to consider when shopping for gaming chairs.
In this review, we aim to help you pick the best gaming chairs by narrowing down your list. Although there are opinions here and there, but the decision is really up to you.

As a last piece of advice, pick a gaming chair that suits your style and exceeds your expectation to give you the benefit you want. Don’t be hasty in your decisions so you won’t have any regrets later on. Remember, a good gaming chair can change the way you play a game!