Tips: How to Hook Up a X Rocker Chair

The X Rocker line of video clip gaming chairs has integrated presenters for enhancing the audio encounter. Fundamental models are equipped with a pair of stereo presenters, one on each side of the chair. Some models are furnished with electric motors that make vibrating sensations for heightened realism while gaming. X rockers install common stereo audio cables available at electronics stores. Configuration commonly takes less than 10 minutes.


1 . Lift the back of the X Rocker chair to the upright position.

2. Lock the rear of the chair in position by pushing the Velcro strip against the matching strip on the lower rear of the chair.

3. Separate the white and red audio plugs from the back of your TV. These cables stay linked at the various other end to your gaming system.

4. Place both audio linked into the matching white and red jacks on the RCA stereo cable.

5. Connect both plugs on the various other end to the left and right audio jacks on the lesser right edge of the X Rocker. Connect the white plug to the left audio jack.

6. Put the energy cable supplied with your X Rocker into the electric outlet on the lower right side of the chair. Plug the other end in to a wall surface electrical outlet.

7. Turn the chrome knob on the lower right side of the Xrocker to activate the chair and change the volume to the wanted level. A red LED illuminates alongside the knob.

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