Targus Laser Presentation Remote

Targus Laser Presentation Remote

Product Specifications:

Product Dimensions: 8.8 x 6 x 2.5 inches

Product Weight: 3.8 ounces

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Targus Wireless Presenter

Our Review:

Unlike gaming mice, keyboards and smartphones, this presentation remote control doesn’t require a lot of buttons or features to be boasted but a badly designed unit can still be a source of lot of troubles for you at that very important moment when you have to impress a hall full of people with your presentation.

This is where the Targus wireless presenter plays its role and makes sure that everything goes smooth for you as you continue to impress people with your presentation. This is by far the simplest and plainest looking presentation remote you will find in the market or online. This presentation clicker goes with minimalism and boasts the only necessary buttons on it.

The clicker lets you move forward or backward with the clicking buttons. The power button is located on the side of the presenter so you don’t accidentally click it while presenting. Furthermore, there is a locking system in the presenter that locks the undesired buttons during the presentation so you don’t have to worry about those ops moments during a serious and important presentation in the office.

It is a nice and safe grip with protruded stripes that help you in holding the presenter with a tight grip. There is a backup battery in this presentation clicker so you never have to worry about a non-working presentation remote control at the eleventh hour.

The best thing that any presentation remote can offer is the ability to control your slides from a big distance because you never know what the size of a conference or meeting room is if you move a lot from one place to another, giving presentations. It lets you operate and move your slides from a huge distance of 50 feet.

In short, there is a lot to love about this remote control. Targus wireless presenter stores the USB receiver in it, just where you insert the batteries so you never lose a track of your receiver. There is a laser mounted on the presentation clicker so you can highlight the important parts of your presentation and the backlit option in the buttons make sure that you don’t press the wrong button if the lights in the room have been switched off. Lastly, there seems to be nothing that could not be loved about this remote control.

Owner Reviews Of The Targus

“Remote control for a projector…

I was skeptical about this remote control. Would it work on my Mac Powerbook? It has a small switch inside that you set for Keynote (Mac) or Powerpoint (Mac & PC). It also has a tiny USB receiver that plugs into the computer to “connect” the two. When I plugged it in, my Powerbook said that it does not recognize the keyboard. After fiddling with it for a while, I learned to start the Keynote program, hit Play, and then plug it in. It then works flawlessly. The built-in laser pointer is not very bright, so it is not very useful, less so than my other laser pointers. I really wanted a remote that let me move around and control the progression of “slides”, so it works well for its intended purpose. Turning it on is a bit erratic. You push a button to turn it on and hold the button down to turn it off. Sometimes it does not turn on with a single push and I find that I must hold it down to get it to turn on. So far, this is a minor issue…” You can read the full review and others here…

“No Longer Tied to the Computer Station in Lecture…

I love this little thing! I’m a smaller woman, and it fits very comfortably and naturally in my hand. I haven’t tested the range too much yet, but I’m sure it will be fine in my small classrooms. I love the power button, so I can put it in my teaching bag and be sure that the flash drive won’t press against it and run my batteries down. The only very minor con I can think of is that the USB fob is a little small and my college has the computer tower on the floor, so I have to actively think about the need to grab the fob before I leave…” You can read the full review and others here…

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