PC Gaming chairs: Affordable with excellent quality!

Are you sitting comfortably in your office with a monitor in front of you? Do you get common back pains when you are sitting for a couple of hours? Do you have to change position once in a while to help you get more relaxed? If yes, then it’s time for you change your office chair or gaming chair.

Staying in the same position after a couple of minutes can give you sores and cramps and not to mention, it might leave you with a bad posture, but you don’t have to worry because PC gaming chairs and video gaming chairs are available in the market for low prices, while maintaining their quality to give you the best comfortable position available.

These gaming chairs are can now be brought online through retail stores such as Amazon and Walmart. Moreover, they provide free shipping for their products and you are rest assured that their products are in top shape.


Boss Black Leather Plus Executive Chair

Boss Black Leather Plus Executive Chair

One of their best seller PC gaming chairs is the Boss Black LeatherPlus Executive chair. It has the best value, the best price ($150) and the best features. No wonder it’s a best seller! Let’s take a closer look in what this wonderful seat has to offer:


  1. Excellent Lumbar support and headrest: Boss Black LeatherPlus is designed to target the sweet spots on your back and gives your whole back the rest it deserves. It’s a good stress reliever after a day’s work.
  2. LeatherPlus: This gaming chair can deceived any leather fanatics—it looks like it’s made of premium leather, but actually it’s not. There is only about 10-20% original leather together with some materials to give strength and durability to the chair. It’s not so hard to sit on nor too soft like a pillow; it is firm yet comfortable for any user.
  3. Chair height and maximum weight: It has a weight capacity of 250 pounds and is designed for tall people (5”10-6”4).
  4. Reclining ability: This chair can rotate and tilt for up to 20-30 degrees (How? Pull the height adjustment lever outward and the lock will be release so you can recline on your PC gaming chair).
  5. Assembly: The package contains a big folded chair, a gas cylinder and bottom base with casters. There is a manual sheet that goes along with the box:


  1. Open the box and remove the screws and parts of the gaming chair.
  2. Push in the four casters to the base and at the center of it is a hole in which you can place the gas lift.
  3. Place the seat cushion above the mechanism with four mechanism screws.
  4. Connect both arms to the side of the seat cushion using four arm screws (2 per side).
  5. Using 4 L-bar screws insert the back cushion and connect it to the seat cushion.
  6. Attach both arms using the arm caps to the back cushion and connect the seat to the gas lift.
  7. Fully tighten all screws.

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