Logitech Wireless Gaming Mouse G700 Review

Logitech Wireless Gaming Mouse G700: Gaming at its Best

Logitech Wireless Gaming Mouse G700

Logitech Wireless Gaming Mouse G700

Gamers are meticulous of the gadgets they use in playing, thus the Logitech Wireless Gaming Mouse G700 existed. Unlike the usual people who use gadgets, gamers always see to it that the devices they use will bring them convenience and possess top quality features. Even the littlest things like the mouse pads are very important for them. Everything that has the power to affect their games is significant and should be replaced if it shows a low quality performance.

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The Gaming Mouse G700 is one of the most recommended gaming mice in the market today. It provides ecstatic gaming experience with its high tech features. Moreover, gamers will surely enjoy the perks of this well designed mouse and playing will surely be steady smooth with the G700.


The G700 is equipped with numerous features that gamers look for in a gaming mouse. Playing wirelessly is possible with the G700’s plug and forget Nano receiver. The Nano receiver can be placed in your laptop or your mouse for travelling. Moreover, the mouse is also capable of sending 1,000 data reports per second for a full-speed wireless gaming. Through this, lag and dropouts are minimized.

Handy and comfortable, the G700 has a natural curve design that would fit your hand perfectly for hours of usage. The mouse is also capable of recharging even during a game. This is a very unique feature that only few wireless mice in the computer and technology domain possess. This mouse is also admired by a lot of gamers because of its ability to store five profiles on its own memory. It also has 13 buttons that can be changed and customized for users’ handiness and convenience. These buttons can be personalized to be able to perform complex and macro functions just with a single click. Furthermore, it is designed specifically for gaming with its high accuracy laser tracking that enables smooth and perfect movements.


The Good:


  • 13 programmable buttons
  • Exceedingly precise tracking
  • Wireless receiver

The Bad

  • Charge only via USB cable
  • No Unifying receiver

Excellent Gaming with the G700

This mouse is available at Amazon at the price of $75 from the original price of $100. At amazon, shipping is free if the product is procured with a Super Saver Shipping. The cost of the gaming mouse however depends on where the product is bought. There are other available online sites that also offer the Logitech G700 for lower prices. You can find other information about the product by inputting: Logitech Gaming Mouse G700 (DH910001436) with model number DH910001436 on search engines. When purchasing the product at Amazon, you will also receive gadgets and materials like the mouse’s charging cable, wireless receiver, receiver extended cable, and the user guide. For more information about the features, the pros and cons of the product, check out full product spec. and other owner reviews here.

Technology and style have indeed combined and created an exceptional gaming mouse. With the games and applications that are improving every now and then, gamers desire even more gadgets that will reach the standards of these new generation games. This is why Logitech regularly produce top of the line wireless and wired mice for gaming and business matters. For all computer games enthusiasts, high performance is assured with the Logitech Wireless Gaming Mouse G700. The wireless mouse is simply recommended because it will surely satisfy users and gamers’ wants and needs. Furthermore, with its affordable price and amazingly high tech features, Logitech have certainly succeeded in producing one of the superlative gaming devices in the market today.

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