Logitech G400 Mouse Review: Simply A Good Cheap Gaming Mouse

Logitech G400 Mouse Review

Product Specifications:

Dimensions: 8.5 x 2.7 x 8 inches

Weight: 12 ounces

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 Logitech G400 Mouse

Our Review:

As with all cheap gaming mice from manufacturers you’d expect that the quality to be a little thin on the ground and cheap, light plastic with insignificant buttons to be first and foremost.  In this case though the Logitech G400 mouse is far from this and on the face of it you’ll find what can only be described as a ‘good cheap gaming mouse‘.

With this in mind we’ll run you through a few of the features and what you can expect to get from a mouse under $30.  The Logitech logo is firmly placed centre stage as per usual with all of their mice.  You’ll also get the use of 4 dpi settings to use as and when you need them allowing for greater control through games, publishing and the usual desktop applications.  Due to the 3600 dpi maximum you’ll find that you can be ultra precise with everything you do and that there is a great response time with the high quality Logitech Optical Engine.  It’s known to be a 1 millisecond report time (1000 reports per second) through USB.  This response time is 8 times faster than standard USB mice.

The mouse is comfortable too and you’ll find your hand naturally finding the best comfort zone which will continue to be comfortable throughout the gaming session regardless of how long you play for.  Thanks to it’s low-friction feet you’ll find that the tracking is sublime thorughout gaming and you’ll have no jerky movement.

The Logitech G400 mouse also has 8 programmable buttons and when making use of the Logitech software you can customize their cheap gaming mice for every game that you play.  This truly is a good cheap gaming mouse that you should consider buying if you’re a hardened gamer but on a tight budget.

Logitech G400 Mouse Compatibility:

  • Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8
  • Powered USB Port
  • Internet Connection For Software Download

Package Contents:

  • Logitech G400 Mouse
  • User Documentation
  • 3-Year Limited Hardware Warranty

 Owner Reviews Of The Logitech G400 Mouse

“Excellent gaming mouse…

High quality, comfortable, high precision. This mouse has everything that you really need for gaming. Doesn’t have as much hotkey functionality as some of the others, but that makes the design much more clean and slim…”

“I love this mouse, odd finish at first…

Bought this mouse recently to replace a gifted Logitech G9x. I never found the G9x to be particularly comfortable and the laser would freak out randomly. The G400 uses an optical sensor as opposed to a laser sensor that the G9x and most newer mice use. I don’t know if it really makes any difference but I find the G400 to be much more steady and easy to use. The mouse form factor could also play a role in this as the G400 really fits the entire hand well whereas the G9x you have to “claw grip” so to speak. I play Battlefield 3 occasionally on my PC and I find that the G400 performs much better…”


I used the MX-518 for many years, it still works gave it to my son, i was sad to see it was discontinued, then i saw the G400 was its direct updated replacement, absolutely no change in the ergonomics, just updated hardware. i love it. Forget about those $130 dollar mice, if you are bad at games, an expensive mouse will not help you lol. I recommend this mouse to anyone and everyone, i am thoroughly pleased.

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