ITALMODERN Beetle Low Back Office Chair

ITALMODERN Beetle Low Back Office Chair

ITALMODERN Beetle Low Back Office Chair

The ITALMODERN Beetle Low Back Office Chair is a perfect modern-style chair for the contemporary home or office. With a powder-coated epoxy steel frame, this chair is super-durable and bungee cord loops create a comfortable seat and back that will minimize neck and back aches. Stylish and beautiful, this chair works perfectly in any home office or modern work center. The black color goes well with most existing decor and the chair will enhance an area easily.

Specifications and Features:

ITALMODERN Beetle Low Back Office Chair Weight: 23.3 Pounds
*Dimensions: 35 x 18 x 25 Inches
* Strong frame is powder coated epoxy steel so the chair is super-durable and will last for a long time.
* The strong bungee cord loops are comfortable and stylish, creating a unique look and a supportive back and seat.
* Features a locking mechanism with tension knob adjustment so you can choose your own level of comfort.

Customer Reviews:

The reviews of the ITALMODERN Beetle Low Back Office Chair are great. In fact, the averge customer rating is 5 stars out of a possible 5, meaning that most of the users who have tried this chair think that it’s perfect and a slim few feel that it’s slightly less than perfect. While the chair is not quite considered ‘ergonomic,’ one user said that it’s better than any so-called ergonomic chair that their workplace has provided. In addition, users love that the color and style of this chair go well with most existing decor, so it’s easy to purchase and add to a room without having to change anything – especially for those who are fashion-conscious.

Users love the stylish look of this chair, and that it’s different from most of the other chairs one will see in an office. One user said that it has a bit more modern look than most other chairs and that it’s super-comfortable. The chair is on wheels, so it’s easy to move from one work station or another, according to reviewers. In addition to that, it provides numerous options as far as reclining and tension. This means that it’s a great chair for many different people and their unique tastes and personalities. This makes it a great office chair for areas where numerous people will be sitting throughout the day.

Based on the reviews of the ITALMODERN Beetle Low Back Office Chair, we feel extremely comfortable recommending it to those who want a comfortable office chair that can stand the test of time, and minimize back and neck pain. Most of the people who purchased this chair say they’d purchase it again, or recommend it to family and friends. It’s unlikely that anyone who buys this chair will be disappointed in the level of comfort, functionality, and style it provides. We feel as though this is a great chair to add to any office, or to give to a professional individual as a gift for the holidays or other special occasions.

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