If you are among the countless people who spend a great deal of time in front of the computer working, reading or enjoying a game, then you probably have experienced at one time or another some discomfort, back and neck pains, eye strain and other factors that usually cause you to lose concentration and interest in what you are doing. The probable cause of all of these is the chair you are using.

If you are using a regular chair, then it is time to switch to an office chair that is also ideal to use as a computer gaming chair. Finding the perfect computer gaming chair means looking for the one with the attributes that would best suit your needs. This type of chair is market prevalent so you have a wide array of brands, features, prices, types, design and colors to choose from.

There are a lot of advantages in using a PC gaming chair. First and foremost is the benefit of being comfortable during those long hours in front of your computer. Second is these chairs have lots of cool features that offer flexibility. Another marketable value that these computer gaming chairs have is if you are a gamer, your gaming experience is enhanced because there are less to no distractions compared to if you are using a regular chair.

These chairs may be a bit pricey but if you consider what you would get, then spending a few bucks more would be well worth it. Computer gaming chairs are ultra durable because they are made with strong and high quality materials that would surely last for many years. Owning one of these chairs is actually not a luxury but a necessity, because it would surely turn out that you would actually save more buying a strongly built chair than having to replace a cheaper one that you have worn out after a few month’s use.

What To Look For in a Computer Gaming Chair

Height Adjustable  Height adjustable chairs can accommodate any person’s height and will inevitably provide the correct elevation for your legs. Having the ideal elevation means you can plant your feet firmly on the floor and your legs can move freely, this would allow full circulation on your legs and help you retain the ideal posture so you can work more comfortably for long hours.

Height adjustable computer gaming chairs vary by brands and models, some manufacturers were able to come up with chairs that lets you adjust the height without having to stand up to do so. Chairs with gas lifts allow you to lift or lower the chair according to your height without the inconvenience of leaving your chair. And since it is height flexible, your family or friends wouldn’t have any difficulties using your chair.

Chairs with a Backrest – The ideal computer gaming chair should have a backrest. This feature allow for added comfort and eliminate stress on your spine. Choose the chair with a backrest that can easily be adjusted forward or backward and can be executed without leaving the comfort of your chair. It is also advisable to choose the ones with a taller backrest for a full back and shoulder support.

Chairs With a Headrest – Some computer gaming chairs come with headrests. For people experiencing neck pains or neck problems, chairs that come with headrests are specifically suggested.

Armrests – You may not be aware of it now, or may not find it a need for one, but armrests offer added comfort and eliminates discomfort in your arms. Armrests come in different styles and made from different materials. Some armrests are made of durable vinyl and can be flipped up and down easily, while other computer gaming chairs have cushioned or padded armrests and covered in faux leather or thick fabric to avoid strain on your arms and for ultra comfort during those long hours of work or gaming. Choose the one which you think would suit your working or playing habits.

Convenience – Being seated comfortably means experiencing the ultimate level of being at ease and feeling relaxed even after hours of staying in that same chair. Excellent computer gaming chairs are the ones ergonomically fashioned and can accommodate your body without any discomfort. Ideally, the depth of the chair should conform to your body, it should be able to let you rest your back snugly while still accommodating your thighs.

Mobility – A computer gaming chair that swivels and have wheels allow you ease of movement and more accessibility. Moreover, these chairs let you move forward, backward and sideways without having to scrape your floors and carpets.

Style and Material Used –  Computer gaming chairs are crafted from different materials and have various styles and shapes to cater to your needs. Some office chairs that can double as computer gaming chairs are cushioned with high quality foam and covered in leather with padded or vinyl armrests, while another different style would be the ones covered with mesh; the latter types are more breathable. These types of chairs usually have 5 sturdily built legs to for stability.

Other types of computer gaming chairs are built differently, they resemble, big, bulky chairs; they are cushioned in ultra foam padding and are either covered or upholstered in leather or heavy fabric.

Easy Storage and Portability – It is best to choose a chair that uses minimal space in your room and can be stored easily when not in use. Most computer gaming chairs are lightweight or can be folded to allow ease in moving them around from to room. The office chair types are usually built streamlined and since most of them have wheels on the legs, they can be maneuvered easily.

The bulkier-looking chairs shouldn’t fool you, they can look menacingly heavy, but actually they are equally lightweight, moveable and easy to store to eliminate clutters in your room.

Easy Maintenance – Computer gaming chairs can be maintained and cleaned easily. The materials and covers used can be wiped clean, especially the mesh-covered chairs.

Color – These chairs were designed to cater to each individual’s fashion taste. Along with the various designs, you can also choose from the many attractive colors they come in, from dark to pastel and bright colors. Choose the one that would complement the theme of your room.

Price – As expected, computer gaming chairs do not come cheap. But as these chairs have competitive pricing, you can choose the brand and style to suit your need and fit your budget.

Where to Shop for the Best Computer Gaming Chairs

These chairs can be found in most furniture, office supply and computer shops. But the option would be to shop online, here you can find different stores’ websites where you can browse and compare brands, styles and prices. Amazon for one have an array of the best PC gaming chairs, complete with the technical description of the chair and reviews. You can save time and effort shopping online instead of driving from one store to another.

Here is 9 of the Best Computer Gaming Chairs with High Ratings 

Lorell Executive High-Back Chair, Mesh Fabric

Lorell Executive High-Back Chair

Lorell Executive High-Back Chair

This Executive High- back Chair from Lorell is loaded with cool features from its sleek and stylish look to its functions. It is ergonomically designed and has a breathable mesh back and mesh fabric seat that lets the air breathe through, eliminating discomfort on you back and back end. Its high back is ideal in supporting your full back and shoulders. This ideal PC gaming chair is built with separate seat and customizable back setting.

 Adjusting the armrests is easy as there are knobs located at the bottom of the chair that can easily be manipulated to accommodate your preferred settings and adjustments. It has durable 5-star base (legs) durable nylon legs that provides stability, pneumatic seat-height adjustment, meaning you can adjust the height of the chair  with ease, 360 swivel, tilt and asynchronous three-lever control. This gaming chair is certified fire retardant so you can be assured of your safety.

Boss Black Leather Plus Executive Chair

Boss Black Leather Plus Executive Chair

The excellent office and PC gaming chair by Boss Audio provides the comfort you need in those long hours of working or gaming. It is ergonomically designed and has lumbar support to protect your back. This chair has a full high back that can accommodate not only your back but your shoulders as well. The armrests are curved and sloping in such a way that you can relax your arms to avoid strain even after long hours. The waterfall seat design lets you relax your legs to avoid fatigue.

 This sleek and stylish chair is covered in soft black LeatherPlus and has a pneumatic seat height adjustment that lets you easily adjust your chair to your desired height. It also has upright locking position and adjustable tilt tension control. This black and grey chair can accommodate big guys and can be assembled without the need for tools.

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 X Rocker 0287401 Executive Office Chair including Bluetooth Sound

X Rocker 0287401 Executive Office Chair with Bluetooth Sound

X Rocker 0287401 Executive Office Chair with Bluetooth Sound

There aren’t many PC gaming chair integrated with woofers and speakers. This is a great home or office chair for gaming. It has excellent looks having 2 stereo speakers that are hidden in the headrest. The X Rocker executive desk chair from deluxe has rolling wheels that offers easy moving from place to place as well as giving you complete immersion of sound experience while enjoying its comfort and beauty.

The Bluetooth receiver that is built in the chair enhances one to play audio wirelessly from any device which is Bluetooth-enabled that include; iPhone, iPad or computer. RCA cables have been added for connecting devices that have no Bluetooth.

This fashionable chair is ideal for listening to your favorite music as you play mobile or computer games, watching movies at home or working.

This elegant piece has adjustable height, tilts and swivels to effect a full range of motion that enhances a comfortable sitting style. Attractive and sturdy arms increases the stability and comfort of the seat.

Flash Furniture High Back Black Leather Executive Office Chair with Triple Paddle Control

Flash Furniture High Back Black Leather Executive Office Chair

This chair’s pressurized lumbar support feature is what makes it highly marketable, the controlled lumbar knob lets you adjust (increase and decrease) the pressure on your back. This ergonomically designed computer gaming chair swivels to allow ease of mobility and has a high back to support your back and shoulders and comes with a triple paddle control mechanism for adjusting the height of the chair (pneumatic), back tilt position and knee tilt. Padded in CA117 fire retardant foam and covered in LeatherSoft to assure extra comfort and strength, this chair has heavy duty nylon base with rigid end caps and dual wheel casters.  is leather and polyurethane for added softness and durability.


Office Star Space Professional Air Grid Back Managers Chair with Eco Leather Seat and 2-to-1 Synchro Tilt Control

Space Series Mesh Back Task Chair

Space Series Mesh Back Task Chair

This gaming chair by Office Star has an elegant Eco Leather seat and breathable mesh back to allow comfort. This computer gaming chair has an adjustable lumbar support  to provide support to your back during long hours of work or playing. It has a one touch pneumatic seat height adjustment that easily maneuvers to the desired height of the user.

This chair also comes with a 2-to-1 Synchro Tilt Control with Adjustable Tilt Tension for ultra comfort and adjustable angled arms with PU pads. The angled base is made of heavy duty nylon with big dual wheel carpet casters. It comes in a variety of attractive colors; Black, Steel, Cornstalk, Rosewood, Indigo, and Grape.


LexMod Edge Office Chair with Mesh Back and Black Leatherette Seat

LexMod has come up with a great PC gaming chair that provides great comfort and flexibility as well. Made with very durable materials, this chair has a breathable black polyester fiber mesh back and black  sponge seat covered with mesh fabric. This chair comes with a seat tilt with tension control. The easily adjustable seat height and flip-up arms provide flexibility.

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Ergohuman ME7ERG-W09-01W09-01 Black Mesh Hi Swivel Chair

Ergohuman Mesh Ergonomic Chair with Headrest Mesh/Chrome Frame

Eurotech Seating’s computer gaming chair is one of the best sellers in the market. This Ergohuman mesh chair features 8 ergonomically designed adjustments; tilt tension control, tilt lock, back angle, back height, synchro tilt, seat height, seat depth, and arm height. Because it has breathable mesh seat and back, air can circulate freely giving you long hours of comfort. It has nylon casters and made of 97% recyclable components.


Alera Elusion Series Mesh Mid-Back Multifunction Chair, Black

Alera Elusion Series Mesh Mid-Back Multifunction ChairAnother computer gaming chair that’s worth checking out is this chair from Alera. It has multifunction mechanism that has an adjustable back angle and adjustable tilt (free floating or infinite locking positions) and forward tilt. It has a breathable mesh back, waterfall seat cushion made upholstered in high quality fabric from high quality fabric. The contoured seat allows comfort and eliminates pressure on your legs.



Aeron Chair by Herman Miller 

Aeron Chair by Herman Miller

This ergonomically designed office and computer gaming chair designed by Bill Stumpf and Don Chadwick, pioneered Posture Fit® feature that supports your pelvis and spine. The breathable Pellicle suspension fits your body contours to lessen pressure and lets the air circulate freely for added comfort.

The patented Kinemat® tilt technology allows your neck, shoulders, hips, knees, and ankles to move naturally. It has a contoured high and wide to eliminate pressure on your lower spine and contoured armrests. This chair has a  waterfall seat that allows for support on your thighs and it comes with a 12 year Herman Miller warranty.

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