Best X Video Rocker Pro series Black Gaming Chairs Reviews

I’m sure you have some firsthand experience on the answers for the questions above; however, you may not have a specific solution to lessen or cure your situation.

So, what’s the solution? You now have your ultimate collection of video games and a wide-screen TV to give you the greatest gaming experience ever. What else? Hmmm, you probably don’t have the right and best gaming chair to give you the comfort and convenience you need. Every gamer or person needs one! Without it, you can’t enjoy your games even in the wee hours of the night. Of course, all kinds of gaming chairs are available anywhere—you can buy online at Amazon and even in your local furniture store.

But, your search doesn’t end there because you will have to look for only the best gaming that will satisfy your needs and give your entertainment a boost. With assorted brands in the market, the task might seem daunting and you’re better off listening to a sales talk with the sales lady. But as an avid gamer and movie enthusiast like me, you don’t have to look far and wide because we are going to present right here all you need to know in finding the best gaming chair. We are going to stick with the X rocker brand, your classic and top brand for all gaming chairs and these includes three products in their line plus you also get to read reviews and compare prices as well as features for your own benefits.

This review will act as your tour guide to help you decide on what seems to be only the Best X Video Rocker Pro series Black in 2014 for your tastes. We have also compiled trusted reviews to give you the real experience on how this different video gaming chairs affects the needs of each user. This is your all-in-one guide to make the perfect decision of selecting your own X Video Rocker Pro series Black gaming chair with review. Let’s start!

How to find the Best X Video Rocker Pro series Black in the Market

As a starter, you have lots of factors to keep in mind when choosing the best Gaming chair such as the speakers, additional subwoofers, wireless audio, extra features, materials, arms, style, weight capacity and most importantly, the price.

These are just some basic information, yet these are crucial to find the ideal X Video Rocker Gaming chair for adults as well as for kids. The number of speakers and powered subwoofers are important to enhance your wireless video gaming experience and watching movies session. The Wireless audio and innovative features add uniqueness to the product and gives convenience to the user. Another thing to keep in mind is the material and arms which are both needed give durability and easy storage for a video gaming chair. The style should be designed to give comfort and proper back positioning of the gamer and a pedestal is optional. The weight capacity for a typical X Video Rocker Gaming chair is 275 lbs.—your average American man will find this gaming chair comfortable and safe.

If I could add colorful highlights to the word “Price,” then I most certainly would. There are plenty of features and top brands out there, but you should maintain a careful lookout on these prices. Gaming chairs for adults can range from $100-$300 so lower than that would be the price for gaming chair for kids and higher than that is a bit outrageous, unless it’s exclusively made and personally customized by you.

If you are going to buy X Video Rocker Pro series Black gaming chairs online, be sure to check on your list. The steps are pretty easy:

  • Add the item to your cart.
  • Click “Buy this item.”
  • Choose payment method (either cash or credit card)
  • Wait for delivery at your very own doorstep

The words “Affordable” and ‘Quality” is written all over X Rocker gaming chairs and they have sported many furniture products that gives the title their name deserves. We will show you the 3 best X video Rocker Pro series Black gaming chairs which are constant best-seller and highly-loved models in the market. Check out each unique feature, personal reviews and reasonable prices and make sure that the video gaming chair you are going to buy suits your preference.

 Top 3 best X Video Rocker Pro series Black Gaming chair Reviews in 2020

This X Video Rocker Pro series Black Gaming Chair Review has been appreciated and supported by lots of customers. Not only does it gives helpful tips, but provides the necessary details for a smart decision-making by our customers. Happy reading and we hope you understand our comprehensive review:

#1. X Rocker 51259 Pro Series H3 4.1  Black Audio Wireless Gaming Chair  

  • X Rocker 51259 Pro H3 - Computer Gaming Chair

    X Rocker 51259 Pro H3 – Computer Gaming Chair

    Features: This audio wireless gaming chair will surely be what you need in your daily routine. This has conquered our top spot and has met the positive reviews of our global gamers. Aside from being the top video gaming chair to give you the best video game experience you need.

          This unit is also used for watching movies, listening to your own soundtrack and can be used for your all time sitting-while-thinking chair.

Let’s proceed to the features and why this gaming deserves the top 1 spot: This X Rocker gaming chair comes with 4 high-quality surround speakers and an amazing subwoofer, which uses the advanced Ace Bayou’s innovative AFM. This unit has a built-in vibration feature which is in sync with the audio bass tones of your favorite game to provide more dramatic and theater-like experience while playing your game. This vibration thing has really caught me by the ear because it gives additional entertainment and the gun-stock arms are useful during tight-gripping moments while watching movies.

  • Audio and Sounds: The X Rocker 51259 has an accessible control panel which contains the volume, separate bass and vibration controls. This panel is found at the side so you don’t have to stand up and adjust the volumes on your TV or DVD player. It also features the input and output jacks for easy connection to the outlet or the audio source you are using may it be Xbox, Playstation, etc. Personally, I’m in love with the wireless audio feature because it saves me the trouble of moving around the house and I can control the sounds and audio to which level I like. It is certainly made for the convenience and wholesome entertainment of the gamer.
  • Style and Design: Much as you want to do your homework or help in the household chores, you’ll always find time to play video games for several hours non-stop day and night. These games surely going to make you tired and a little rest in between won’t hurt; thus, X  Video Rocker 51259 gives you the advantage of keeping your head intact by a padded head-and-back rest because these gives and comfort and stability for an addict gamer once in a while. And did I mention already Gun-stock arms? If yes, here’s an additional info. Both arms and resting pads are made to give the ultimate comfort whatever your position might be or how long you are staying fixed in front of the television.

          These additional features give importance to the different sizes and heights of each person so the style and design is adjustable for the comfort and customization of the user.

Below are its specifications:

  • Product Dimensions: 37.4x 22.6 x 32.3 inches
  • Wireless Design
  • Adapter covered
  • Weight: 57.9 pounds

X Rocker 51259 Pro H3 4.1 Audio Wireless Gaming Chair has received 163 users’ reviews with an average rating score of 4.6/5.0

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#2. X Rocker 51396 Pro Series Pedestal 2.1 Video Gaming Chair, Black, Wireless

  • X Rocker 51396 Pro Series - Computer Gaming Chair

    X Rocker 51396 Pro Series – Computer Gaming Chair

    Features: This unit has excellent value while maintaining its price and presents to you both a magical and realistic audio experience which makes you feel that you are actually inside the game or you can be one of the characters in the movie. Another exciting feature for X Rocker 51396 gaming chair is the easy and accessible connection with other gaming chairs so you can have the most wonderful gaming experience shared with your friends and family members. The panel found at the side offers well-organized and simple controls which can be operated by anyone even if he has no clue on technical matters or any skill when it comes to gaming chairs.

  • Audio and Sound: The model has accessible and easy-to-use volume controls and isolated bass. The output and input jacks are also found at the control panel which is useful for the connection to several other audio sources. This unit has 2 great surround sound speakers that are hidden in the model’s headrest  to enhance gaming experience and a powerful subwoofer that use the famous 2.1 AFM technology of Ace Bayou. Well, this technology will integrate the 2 speakers as well as ported power subwoofers in the empty space of the body of this model to amplify the quality of the sound. The wireless audio will heightened the awesome sensation of watching a movie with clear speakers and definite quality.
  • Style and Design: Getting tired of the same position after a few minutes? With this model, you won’t be itching to move around in your chair because one thing all users of this gaming chair agree on: It has a great ergonomic design and construction. This comes with a full back support and a pedestal which can rotate up to 360 degrees and offers you the opportunity to swivel and title for optimal comfort. The gun-stock arms and padded heavy-duty backrest and headrest will be your be act as your pillow-and- couch all in one. You don’t have to worry about the comfort it offers and its elegant style and design will surely wow you as these are its significant features for the best X Rocker gaming chair.

See it in details as below:

  • Product Dimensions: 24 x 24 x 40 inches
  • Wireless design
  • Adapter included
  • Weight: 55.2 pounds

X Rocker 51396 Pro Series Pedestal 2.1 Video Gaming Chair, Black, Wireless has received 200 customer reviews and the average customer review score is 4.0 out of 5.0.

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X Rocker II Wireless Video Game Chair

X Rocker II Wireless Video Game Chair

#3. X Rocker II Wireless Black Video Game Chair

  • Feature:  This X Rocker II will truly be your all-around gaming device. Yes, this gaming chair is highly compatible with a lot of gaming platforms. In addition, other data formats can be played by using this gaming chair. The seat can also used with Play Station 4, Xbox, and Game boy, Mp3s, Wii and DVDs among others. So, getting this unit will let you access other formats of data as well and voila! All you need to do is sit and relax.
  • Audio and Sound: The music quality for this model is comparable to that of a full-theatre music room.  The seat includes a 2.1 sound system in it and the distribution of this sound is optimized to enhance full interactivity between the game and the player. It has 2 built-in speakers with surround effect to boost the player’s wireless video game experience and a cool subwoofer. The volume system and bass controls are found at the full side control panel. Music and other audio source can be connected through output and input jacks also found at the control panel.
  • Style and Design: This gaming chair includes full back support and has tilt-and- swivel ability for the gamer’s comfort. X Rocker II Wireless Video Game Chair is foldable for easy handling and storage and the seat is made up with heavy-duty upholstery vinyl cover for easy cleaning and durable use. The style and design is an ultimate dream come true because of its comfort, convenience and remarkable quality of serving its purpose.

Let’s see its specifications:

  • Wireless design
  • Adapter included
  • Dimensions: 22.6 inches by 30.7 inches by 37.6 inches
  • Weight: 42 pounds

X Rocker II Wireless Video Game Chair has 101 customer reviews and the average customer reviews is 4.3 out of 5.0


As of now, I’m sure you have an idea or background on an Best X Video Rocker Pro series Black in 2015 gaming chair that works best for you. You have seen all the unique features, customer reviews and the ratings for our top 3 best gaming chairs.

If you are looking for the ultimate comfort and superb quality that doesn’t compromise the price then you should go for X Rocker 51259 Pro H3 4.1 Audio Wireless Gaming Chair. It gives wonderful audio experience and everything in it from the controls to ergonomic design is absolutely great. This is one of the best Gaming chairs in the X Rocker line and investing your money in it will be worth your every penny!

I hope you learn and understand in choosing the Best X Video Rocker Pro series Black gaming chair in 2015 out there for you. So, what are you waiting for? Don’t just sit there… start rocking!

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